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Grandmaster Sheikh Muhammed Nazim

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim(qs) is of the Highest Quality of Auliya(saints) so that the one who sits with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim feels that himself is in the rank of a very Great Saint (Wali). This feeling is not from himself but from the Light and Spiritual Power of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.  He has been given power from Allah Almighty so that anyone who sits with him feels that he is so very near to Allah Almighty and to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and that he is always going to be close to them. 

When a person takes Bayyat(oath) from Mawlana the Spiritual Power of Sheikh Nazim is always with that person immaterial of how far away in distance he is from the physical presence of Mawlana. He will be with him through every moment until that person reaches the grave.  Until the Day of Judgement, Mawlana will be with that person.  Even until he reaches in front of Allah Almighty will Mawlana be with him.  When Allah Almighty questions this person, Mawlana shall answer all these questions instead of him.  In this time it is not possible to find this kind of Auliya who are the like of  Mawlana Sheikh Nazim(qs).

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim says that this type of Auliya(saints) with these qualities are hidden now and all of them are presently with Sahib us Zaman Seyyidina Mahdi (as).  The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him, has now during our time left between the East and the West in all of this earth only  Sheikh Nazim who is the only one able to give this type of Knowledge and Wisdom to the hearts of the people.

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is the Sultanul Auliya(the King of the Saints) of this age.  He was given the rank of Qutub ul Ghauz(Pole of the Help) more than 30 years ago by his Grandsheikh.  When Grandsheikh Abdullah Al Faiz ad Dhagistani (qs) passed away from this earth, Mawlana Sheikh Nazim became the Sultanul Auliya(the King of Saints) of our times.  

The Sultanul Auliya is the Khaliphatullah(the representative of Lord) of the time and he represents the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) while the other Saints represent one of the other 124,000 prophets.  As all the other Prophets are also represented by the Seal of Prophets Seyyidina Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Sultanul Auliya of the time also has the Tajjalli(Manifestation) and the power of all the 124,000 Prophets.

The representative of Allah Almighty during one particular age is only one and in this time and age Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is this representative, and he is the Sultan ul Auliya and Khaliphatullah of this time.

The rank of Sultanul Auliya in Tariqat(Sufi Way) means the rank of the Saint who possesses the secret of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).  This secret was put in the heart of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) by Allah Almighty.  Thereafter the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) transmitted this secret to the heart of Abu Bakr(ra).   Thereafter this secret has been transmitted right down to our times through the Golden Chain of Spiritual Transmission of the Naqshbandi Tariqat (Silsila).  

There have not been many who have held the rank of Sultanul Auliya from the time of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).  From this time till now there are only forty of these representatives.  This secret was passed down from the heart of Abu Bakr as Siddique (Ra) to Salman al Farisy and then from Siddique(righteous) to Siddique, and now during our time Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is the possessor of this secret.  

This Divine Secret of Allah Almighty which was given to the heart of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and transmitted from heart to heart from one Siddique(righteous) to another is the Divine Secret and Divine Breath which Allah Almighty blew into Adam (as).  

Everything that you know is under the Spiritual Control of the Sultanul Auliya.  He is the one who is in charge of all Mankind in this Universe.  He is also in charge of all the world of Jinns and Angels, as the Sultan of Mankind is also in charge of all the Jinn and of all Malaika (Angels).  This Maqam (station) of Sultanul Auliya is a Maqam related to the hearts and it is in this time related to Mawlana Sheik Nazim.  

Sheikh Nazim has been given the power to be in every heart of every human being in this Universe.  He also has the immense power of being able to make the Divine Light of Allah Almighty and all the 124,000 Prophets to enter into the hearts and bodies of all humanity in just one moment.

In one moment Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is able not only to make an unbeliever to believe but also to be able to make him attain the rank of Siddique (the rank of Siddique is the highest rank of Sainthood).

This is why people find themselves attracted to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.  The Light of Mawlana is attracting their Light, like a drop of water falling from the clouds is drawn to fall into the ocean.  This is why when we enter and sit at a lecture of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim we feel like that drop of water merging into the ocean and forget Dunya and the life of this World.  

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim (qas) has said that anyone who has made Bayyat(Allegiance) with him and who is his follower and believes in him would be under his vision.  They would always be kept safe in this world.  Even if an atom bomb was to explode near him he would be protected and kept safe.  A wind would be sent from paradise to this person so that he would be able to breathe the air from it and not from the nuclear waste in the atmosphere.

Mawlana looks at his mureeds(followers) as if they are on the palm of his hand.  He looks at them at every moment and he knows what they do at each moment.  If bad situation is to come to a mureed of his, Moulana has the power to change it.  Mawlana’s purpose is to make this mureed to reach to Rizwanullah.  Anything that obstructs the path of this mureed in reaching to this station of Rizwanullah would be taken away by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.  He will clear all obstacles.  If something bad is about to happen to a mureed of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, he would make a dua to Allah Almighty on behalf of this mureed and take this away from the mureed.  In this manner Mawlana Sheikh Nazim can enter into and change destiny and the course of nature. An example of this once happened at Mecca and Sheik Adnan(Deputy of sheikh Nazim)) relates this incident as follows: “We were in Mecca with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim making Tawaf.  The sun was out and there was not a cloud in sight.  Mawlana then prayed to Allah Almighty saying “Oh! Allah Almighty, I have come here as Your guest to please You.  I would like it to rain so that I can take some Baraka from the rain that comes down at the Ka’aba.  The clouds built up and it began to rain.  It rained so hard that all Mecca began to look like a river.

All those who come to visit Mawlana Sheikh Nazim and sit with him will also gradually have their physical features slowly transformed.  This is because they are not seated with an ordinary person.  They are seated with an extraordinary power which is Mawlana  Sheikh Nazim. The more that a person sits with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, the more will his love increase and the higher will be his ranks. 

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is one of the most remarkable Saints of all time.  This type of Sainthood is not generally known by the people.  All that they know is that somehow their hearts are attracted to him.  People don’t even know why their hearts are attracted to Mawlana in this manner.  This is because he is one of the biggest Saints of all time. His miracles are to be found in the day to day life of his mureeds (followers).  For example he is with every one of his mureeds at every given moment and all the time. 

If at any time a mureed(followers) calls for him saying “Madad Ya Seyyidi” Mawlana immediately sends a divine look to his heart and then the heart of this mureed is lit up with a Divine Light.  This Light is sent by mawlana from his heart to heart.  Thismureed shall then be in a good situation and the bad thing that was to have happened to him would have been taken away from him.

A person if even for only once visits Mawlana Sheikh Nazim he shall not leave this life except as a believer, Mawlana will not allow any of his mureeds to enter hell. He shall make all his followers to enter in Paradise.

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim can also be present in his shape and body in several places at the same time. He is able to multiply himself and take on between 70,000 and 700,000 such bodies and to appear in as many places at the same time.  He also possesses the secrets of all the prophets and the secret of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in his heart.  He is therefore the most remarkable Saint in the Divan of the Saints of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is not only in our earth but he is also in a lot of other places which are not related to our earth.  He is present in all these other places and he is also present with us at the same time.  For example, there is a mountain called the “Mountain of Qaf”.  This mountain is not related to this Earth.  There are many Auliya of high rank and station in this mountain. Mawlana is the Imam of them all.  He leads the prayer on this mountain on every Friday at Jummah.  

As for anyone who is related to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim as a mureed the Angel of Death, Israel (alai)  will have nothing to do with him.  The soul of this mureed at the time of his death will be taken by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.  He shall look at the mureed and immediately the soul of that mureed will leave his body.  There is nothing for either the Angel of Death or for the Angels of the Grave to do with the mureeds of Mawlana Sheikh Nazim.  This is because it has been so ordered and it is by the Divine Power of Allah Almighty which has been given to him that Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is so empowered.  This is specially for Him.

All the bad deeds and sins concerning which Mawlana speaks during the course of his lectures to the mureed will not be asked about from the mureed on the Day of Judgement.  This is because Mawlana Sheikh Nazim immediately makes a Shafa’ah(intercession) and asks forgiveness from Allah Almighty regarding the sins and bad deeds that he has mentioned in his lecture.  It is for this reason that you see Mawlana Sheikh Nazim referring to so many sins and bad deeds during the course of a lecture so that he would be able to put this mureeds into his Mercy Oceans. 

Sheik Adnan(mawlanas Deputy) relates that on another occasion when he was performing Tawaf (go around) around the Ka’aba(Mekka) with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim a very old man came up to Mawlana, kissed him, spoke to him and performed Tawaf with Mawlana. Thereafter this old man disappeared without a trace. When Mawlana was asked as to who this old man was, he answered that this man was one of the sons of the Adam before our Adam (as).  

There have been 124,000 Adams in all, with their sons of which our Adam (as) was the last. This was one of the sons of the Adam before our Adam and he had come to kiss Mawlana’s hand and to perform Tawaf with Mawlana because he had this promise on the Day of promises and that it was written in the Divine Tablet.  Mawlana as the Khaliphatullah(Deputy) of this time and as the representative of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during this time is not only for us but also for all the Adams and their sons who came before us.  He is the communicator who connects them with the world of Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  

All that has been written here about Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is very little in comparison to what he really is because the contents above are only a small part of the knowledge available about him. Apart from this fact there is also the reason that it is not possible for the human mind to grasp and comprehend the reality of the rank of the Sultanul Auliya.  Mawlana Sheikh Nazim is the possessor of this rank in our age. This is why He says, “No one really knows me. All that they know about me are only some aspects of me"........

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